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USDS International is an independent service provider who work to ensures the regulatory and organizational standards in the areas of social, labor, ethical, Security and environmental for Ready Made Garments (RMG) other sectors worldwide

USDS International Ltd.

USDS is an independent service provider which works to ensure the regulatory and international  standards in the areas of Social, Safety, Environmental and  Supply chain Security  for Ready Made Garments (RMG) and others sector in the globe. It has been working based on a holistic and sustainable approach including the area of Assessment, Verification, Audit, Evaluation, capacity building through training.

USDS visions are-

  • To be a global leader in promoting environmental sustainability, safety, security and quality management through rigorous certification and verification services.
  • To create a world where organizations of all sizes prioritize environmental stewardship and operational excellence as fundamental values.


Higg Verification Body

ISO Management System Certification

Social Auditing & Certification

CSR-A Assessment

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment

Generic Code of Ethic Audit

Training Services

ISO Management System

Social Compliance

Chemical Management

Higg Verification